Refereed Papers


EvryFlare II: Rotation Periods and Starspot Coverage of Cool Active Stars Throughout the Spin-down Process (AJ, submitted)
Ward S. Howard, Hank Corbett, Nicholas M. Law, Jeffrey K. Ratzloff, Amy Glazier, Octavi Fors, Daniel del Ser, Joshua Haislip

EvryFlare I: Long-term Evryscope Monitoring of Flares from the Cool Stars Across Half the Southern Sky (AJ, in press)
Howard, Ward S.; Corbett, Hank; Law, Nicholas M.; Ratzloff, Jeffrey K.; Glazier, Amy L.; Fors, Octavi; del Ser, Daniel; Haislip, Joshua

Variables in the Southern Polar Region Evryscope 2016 Dataset (accepted to PASP)
Ratzloff, Jeffrey K.; Corbett, Henry T.; Law, Nicholas M.; Barlow, Brad N.; Glazier, Amy; Howard, Ward S.; Fors, Octavi; del Ser, Daniel; Trifonov, Trifon 

Building the Evryscope: Hardware Design and Performance (accepted to PASP)
Jeffrey K. Ratzloff, Nicholas M. Law, Octavi Fors, Henry T. Corbett, Ward S. Howard, Daniel del Ser, Joshua Haislip

Young and Eccentric: The Quadruple System HD 86588 (AJ 156 120T)
Tokovinin, Andrei; Corbett, Hank; Fors, Octavi; Howard, Ward; Law, Nicholas M.; Moe, Maxwell; Ratzloff, Jeffrey; Walter, Frederick M.

Bright Opportunities for Atmospheric Characterization of Small Planets: Masses and Radii of K2-3 b, c, and d and GJ3470 b from Radial Velocity Measurements and Spitzer Transits (AJ 157 97K)
Kosiarek, Molly; Crossfield, Ian., et al.

The First Naked-eye Superflare Detected from Proxima Centauri (ApJL 860L 30H)
Howard, Ward S.; Tilley, Matt A.; Corbett, Hank; Youngblood, Allison; Loyd, R. O. Parke; Ratzloff, Jeffrey K.; Law, Nicholas M.; Fors, Octavi; del Ser, Daniel; Shkolnik, Evgenya L.; Ziegler, Carl; Goeke, Erin E.; Pietraallo, Aaron D.; Haislip, Joshua

Evryscope Science: Exploring the Potential of All-Sky Gigapixel-Scale Telescopes (PASP 127 234L)
Law, Nicholas M.; Fors, Octavi; Ratzloff, Jeffrey; Wulfken, Philip; Kavanaugh, Dustin; Sitar, David J.; Pruett, Zachary; Birchard, Mariah N.; Barlow, Brad N.; Cannon, Kipp; Cenko, S. Bradley; Dunlap, Bart; Kraus, Adam; Maccarone, Thomas J.


Conference Proceedings, ATels, etc.

Evryscopes North and South: hardware to science (2018SPIE10702E..5KR)
Ratzloff, Jeff K.; Law, Nicholas M.; Corbett, Henry T.; Fors, Octavi; Howard, Ward S.

Pre-Discovery Detection of ASASSN-18fv by Evryscope (2018ATel11467….1C)
Corbett, H.; Law, N.; Goeke, E.; Ratzloff, J.; Howard, W.; Fors, O.; del Ser, D.; Quimby, R. M.

Evryscope Detection of the First Proxima Superflare: Impacts on the Atmosphere and Habitability of Proxima b (2018LPICo2065.2039H)
Howard, W. S.; Tilley, M. A.; Corbett, H. T.; Youngblood, A. A.; Loyd, R. O. P.; Ratzloff, J. K.; Law, N. M.; Fors, O.; del Ser, D.; Shkolnik, E. L.; and 4 coauthors

EvryFlare: Flare rates and intensities for every 10 < g’ < 15 solar-type and red dwarf star in the Southern sky (2017reph.conf20205H)
Howard, Ward; Fors, Octavi; Ratzloff, Jeff; Corbett, Hank; del Ser, Daniel; Law, Nicholas

EVA: Evryscopes for the Arctic and Antarctic (2017ASPC..510..538R)
Richichi, A.; Law, N.; Tasuya, O.; Fors, O.; Dennihy, E.; Carlberg, R.; Tuthill, P.; Ashley, M.; Soonthornthum, B.

Evryscope Robotilter automated camera / ccd alignment system (2016SPIE.9908E..0WR)
Ratzloff, Jeff K.; Law, Nicholas M.; Fors, Octavi; Ser, Daniel d.; Corbett, Henry T.

The Evryscope: design and performance of the first full-sky gigapixel-scale telescope (2016SPIE.9906E..1ML)
Law, Nicholas M.; Fors, Octavi; Ratzloff, Jeffrey; Corbett, Henry; del Ser, Daniel; Wulfken, Philip

The Evryscope: the first full-sky gigapixel-scale telescope (2014SPIE.9145E..0ZL)
Law, Nicholas M.; Fors, Octavi; Wulfken, Philip; Ratzloff, Jeffrey; Kavanaugh, Dustin

New Exoplanet Surveys in the Canadian High Arctic at 80 Degrees North (2012SPIE.8444E..5CL)
Law, Nicholas M.; Sivanandam, Suresh; Murowinski, Richard; Carlberg, Raymond; Ngan, Wayne; Salbi, Pegah; Ahmadi, Aida; Steinbring, Eric; Halman, Mark; Graham, James