Refereed Papers

Evryscope and K2 Constraints on TRAPPIST-1 Superflare Occurrence and Planetary Habitability (2020, AJ, in press)
Amy Glazier, Ward Howard, Hank Corbett, Nicholas Law, Jeffrey Ratzloff, Octavi Fors, Daniel del Ser

Multi-wavelength Photometry and Progenitor Analysis of the Nova V906 Car (2020, ApJ, in press)
Jerrick Wee, Nadejda Blagorodnova, Bryan Edward Penprase, Jett Pierce Facey, Taiga Morioka, Hank Corbett, Brad N. Barlow, Thomas Kupfer, Nicholas M. Law, Jeffrey K. Ratzloff, Ward S. Howard, Ramses Gonzalez Chavez, Amy Glazier, Alan Vasquez Soto, Takashi Horiuchi

Hot Subdwarf All Southern Sky Fast Transit Survey with the Evryscope (2020ApJ 890 126R)
Ratzloff, Jeffrey K.; Barlow, Brad N.; Nemeth, Peter; Corbett, Henry T.; Walser, Stephen; Galliher, Nathan W.; Glazier, Amy; Howard, Ward S.; Law, Nicholas M.

The Robotilter: An Automated Lens / CCD Alignment System for the Evryscope (JATIS, 2020, 6a 8002R)
Jeffrey K. Ratzloff, Nicholas M. Law, Henry T. Corbett, Octavi Fors, Daniel del Ser

EVR-CB-001: An Evolving, Progenitor, White Dwarf Compact Binary Discovered with the Evryscope (ApJ 2019, 883 51R)
Ratzloff, Jeffrey K.; Barlow, Brad N.; Kupfer, Thomas; Corcoran, Kyle A.; Geier, Stephan; Bauer, Evan; Corbett, Henry T.; Howard, Ward S.; Glazier, Amy; Law, Nicholas M.

EvryFlare II: Rotation Periods and Starspot Coverage of Cool Active Stars Throughout the Spin-down Process (ApJ, in press)
Ward S. Howard, Hank Corbett, Nicholas M. Law, Jeffrey K. Ratzloff, Amy Glazier, Octavi Fors, Daniel del Ser, Joshua Haislip

EvryFlare I: Long-term Evryscope Monitoring of Flares from the Cool Stars Across Half the Southern Sky (ApJ 2019, 881 9H)
Howard, Ward S.; Corbett, Hank; Law, Nicholas M.; Ratzloff, Jeffrey K.; Glazier, Amy L.; Fors, Octavi; del Ser, Daniel; Haislip, Joshua

Variables in the Southern Polar Region Evryscope 2016 Dataset (PASP 2019, 131 1002)
Ratzloff, Jeffrey K.; Corbett, Henry T.; Law, Nicholas M.; Barlow, Brad N.; Glazier, Amy; Howard, Ward S.; Fors, Octavi; del Ser, Daniel; Trifonov, Trifon 

Building the Evryscope: Hardware Design and Performance (PASP 2019 131 1001)
Jeffrey K. Ratzloff, Nicholas M. Law, Octavi Fors, Henry T. Corbett, Ward S. Howard, Daniel del Ser, Joshua Haislip

Young and Eccentric: The Quadruple System HD 86588 (AJ 156 120T)
Tokovinin, Andrei; Corbett, Hank; Fors, Octavi; Howard, Ward; Law, Nicholas M.; Moe, Maxwell; Ratzloff, Jeffrey; Walter, Frederick M.

Bright Opportunities for Atmospheric Characterization of Small Planets: Masses and Radii of K2-3 b, c, and d and GJ3470 b from Radial Velocity Measurements and Spitzer Transits (AJ 2018 157 97K)
Kosiarek, Molly; Crossfield, Ian., et al.

The First Naked-eye Superflare Detected from Proxima Centauri (ApJL 2018 860L 30H)
Howard, Ward S.; Tilley, Matt A.; Corbett, Hank; Youngblood, Allison; Loyd, R. O. Parke; Ratzloff, Jeffrey K.; Law, Nicholas M.; Fors, Octavi; del Ser, Daniel; Shkolnik, Evgenya L.; Ziegler, Carl; Goeke, Erin E.; Pietraallo, Aaron D.; Haislip, Joshua

Evryscope Science: Exploring the Potential of All-Sky Gigapixel-Scale Telescopes (PASP 127 234L)
Law, Nicholas M.; Fors, Octavi; Ratzloff, Jeffrey; Wulfken, Philip; Kavanaugh, Dustin; Sitar, David J.; Pruett, Zachary; Birchard, Mariah N.; Barlow, Brad N.; Cannon, Kipp; Cenko, S. Bradley; Dunlap, Bart; Kraus, Adam; Maccarone, Thomas J.


Conference Proceedings, ATels, etc.

LIGO/Virgo S191110af: Evryscope observation report (GCN 26227)
Hank Corbett (University of North Carolina), Kendall Ackley (Monash), Nicholas Law, Ramses Gonzalez Chavez, Alan Vasquez, Jeffrey Ratzloff (UNC), Stephen S. Eikenberry (University of Florida), Ward Howard, Amy Glazier, Nathan Galliher, Dan Reichart, Josh Haislip, and Vladimir Kouprianov (UNC), Robert Quimby (San Diego State University)

Evryscopes North and South: hardware to science (2018SPIE10702E..5KR)
Ratzloff, Jeff K.; Law, Nicholas M.; Corbett, Henry T.; Fors, Octavi; Howard, Ward S.

Pre-Discovery Detection of ASASSN-18fv by Evryscope (2018ATel11467….1C)
Corbett, H.; Law, N.; Goeke, E.; Ratzloff, J.; Howard, W.; Fors, O.; del Ser, D.; Quimby, R. M.

Evryscope Detection of the First Proxima Superflare: Impacts on the Atmosphere and Habitability of Proxima b (2018LPICo2065.2039H)
Howard, W. S.; Tilley, M. A.; Corbett, H. T.; Youngblood, A. A.; Loyd, R. O. P.; Ratzloff, J. K.; Law, N. M.; Fors, O.; del Ser, D.; Shkolnik, E. L.; and 4 coauthors

EvryFlare: Flare rates and intensities for every 10 < g’ < 15 solar-type and red dwarf star in the Southern sky (2017reph.conf20205H)
Howard, Ward; Fors, Octavi; Ratzloff, Jeff; Corbett, Hank; del Ser, Daniel; Law, Nicholas

EVA: Evryscopes for the Arctic and Antarctic (2017ASPC..510..538R)
Richichi, A.; Law, N.; Tasuya, O.; Fors, O.; Dennihy, E.; Carlberg, R.; Tuthill, P.; Ashley, M.; Soonthornthum, B.

Evryscope Robotilter automated camera / ccd alignment system (2016SPIE.9908E..0WR)
Ratzloff, Jeff K.; Law, Nicholas M.; Fors, Octavi; Ser, Daniel d.; Corbett, Henry T.

The Evryscope: design and performance of the first full-sky gigapixel-scale telescope (2016SPIE.9906E..1ML)
Law, Nicholas M.; Fors, Octavi; Ratzloff, Jeffrey; Corbett, Henry; del Ser, Daniel; Wulfken, Philip

The Evryscope: the first full-sky gigapixel-scale telescope (2014SPIE.9145E..0ZL)
Law, Nicholas M.; Fors, Octavi; Wulfken, Philip; Ratzloff, Jeffrey; Kavanaugh, Dustin

New Exoplanet Surveys in the Canadian High Arctic at 80 Degrees North (2012SPIE.8444E..5CL)
Law, Nicholas M.; Sivanandam, Suresh; Murowinski, Richard; Carlberg, Raymond; Ngan, Wayne; Salbi, Pegah; Ahmadi, Aida; Steinbring, Eric; Halman, Mark; Graham, James