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The Evryscope team is presenting a variety of results at the Winter AAS conference in Washington DC:

Evryscope project overview Nicholas Law NSF Fellows Workshop, Monday
Fast cadence planet-searches with the all-sky, gigapixel-scale Evryscope Jeff Ratzloff 204.05, Detection of Extrasolar Planets II, Wednesday
Rapid All-Sky Transient Discovery and Analysis with Evryscope Hank Corbett Surveys and Large Programs I, 231.06, Wednesday
Stellar activity for every TESS star in the Southern sky Ward Howard Extrasolar Planets V, 310.03, Thursday


Updated O-C Diagrams for Several Bright HW Vir Binaries Observed with the Evryscope Kyle Corcoran & Brad Barlow Tuesday, 150.23
The Evryscopes: monitoring the entire sky for exciting events Nicholas Law Thursday, 354.12


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