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The Argus Array and Evryscope teams are highlighting the new Argus Array design concept, the ongoing Argus prototypes, and new Evryscope results at SPIE 2022:

1. The inside-out upside-down telescope: the Argus Array’s new pseudofocal design

2. The sky at one terabit per second: Architecture and implementation of the Argus Array Hierarchical Data Processing System

3. The Argus Array Technology Demonstrator: Rapid prototyping of core technologies for an all-sky multiplexed survey telescope

4. Packing the sky: coverage optimization and evaluation for large telescope arrays

5. How to pamper your optics: climate control for the Argus Optical Array

6. The Hercules Mount: Shouldering the Weight of the Argus Array Technology Demonstrator

7. ArgusSpec: rapid, autonomous spectroscopic follow-up of bright transients

8. Argus Optical Array motion control: tracking the entire sky with a large monolithic array telescope

9. EFTE-Rocks: a framework to discriminate fast-optical-transient phenomena

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