The Argus Array Team

Management & science team

Principal Investigator: Nicholas Law (Associate Professor, UNC Chapel Hill)

Survey Scientist & Pipeline Lead: Hank Corbett (UNC Chapel Hill)

Observatory Lead: Robert Quimby (SDSU Associate Professor)

Systems Engineer: Alan Vasquez (UNC Chapel Hill)

Graduate Students

Telescope / sensor interface & focusing systems: Ramses Gonzalez

Thermal environment control: Lawrence Machia

System window mechanics and optics: Nathan Galliher

Pipeline machine learning: Jon Carney, Will Marshall

Pipeline event detection and characterization: Shannon Fitton, Amy Glazier

Engineering support

Consultant Engineer: Glenn Walters (UNC Chapel Hill)

Supercomputing support: UNC RENCI

Argus Science Team

New members are most welcome!  If you’re interested, please contact Nick Law to discuss.

Team photos

Argus Pathfinder construction

Argus Pathfinder construction

Argus Technology Demonstrator