New papers exploring hot-subdwarf planets and common-envelope evolution

Two new papers from the Evryscope team detail the results of the Evryscope hot subdwarf binary and planet transit surveys:

Hot Subdwarf All Southern Sky Fast Transit Survey with the Evryscope (AJ 2020, in press)
Ratzloff, Jeffrey K.; Barlow, Brad N.; Nemeth, Peter; Corbett, Henry T.; Walser, Stephen; Galliher, Nathan W.; Glazier, Amy; Howard, Ward S.; Law, Nicholas M.

EVR-CB-001: An Evolving, Progenitor, White Dwarf Compact Binary Discovered with the Evryscope (ApJ 2019, 883 51R)
Ratzloff, Jeffrey K.; Barlow, Brad N.; Kupfer, Thomas; Corcoran, Kyle A.; Geier, Stephan; Bauer, Evan; Corbett, Henry T.; Howard, Ward S.; Glazier, Amy; Law, Nicholas M.

Several more results from this survey, which has found dozens of multiple-star systems in this mysterious phase of stellar evolution, are under review.